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We are a relationship company that helps businesses create high-performing executive and management teams by improving relationships at work. We are a team of consultants with high-level executive management experience and are experts in talent development and employee engagement. We’ve worked with tens of thousands of employees in the fields of technology, healthcare, bio-pharmaceutical, education, child-family welfare, insurance services, education, software development and non-profit.

Meet Our Team


Marc Otto, MSHR
Founder and Lead Consultant
Marc Otto has a passion for building engagement in the workplace through effective working relationships. He firmly believes that when talent and integrity overlap, an individual’s passion and skills drive Read More
Christa Folkers
Visionary Consultant & Executive Coach
Christa Folkers has a remarkable talent to provide powerful support for motivation and performance leading to successful and profitable teams. She often inspires others with her ability to identify gaps in Read More
Tom Fries, MSEL
Tom Fries brings a systematic approach to Strengths Consulting using an engineering background tempered with years of checklists flying aircraft around the world. Having worked in various companies and observed Read More
Kenzi Judge, MBA
Kenzi is passionate about creating workplaces where employees can thrive. She believes strongly that employee engagement is a key factor for success in business, and that the StrengthsFinder tool is Read More
Kendrick Dial, MSW
Kendrick is an example of what is possible when an individual focuses their strengths and couple their purpose with passion. His experience includes serving in a diverse range of roles Read More
Amanda Flisher, PCC
Amanda has a passion for coaching and training because she believes in the potential of people. She loves working with individuals who are eager to learn, grow and see the Read More
Pamela Scott
Pamela has always enjoyed working with others and she knew early on she wanted to make a difference.  Throughout her career this has taken the form of working on behalf Read More

Operations and Organizational Input

Becky Hammond, MBA, MHSM
Strategic Partner & Executive Coach
As acclaimed by Fortune 500 and internationally based health, wellness, and tech organizations, and as frequently highlighted by the GALLUP Organization, Becky Hammond is your Maven in creating training and Read More
Signe Whaling
Director of Operations
Signe is passionate about strengths and feels that knowing about who you can make a radical difference to how you approach your life. Her strengths mix provides her with the Read More
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