Director of Operations

Signe is passionate about strengths and feels that knowing about who you can make a radical difference to how you approach your life. Her strengths mix provides her with the Discipline and Responsibility necessary to take a lead role in the administrative and daily operational aspects of the Strengths Consulting Group, and her Harmony, Empathy and Individualization allow her to relate well to others.
Besides her daily role with the SCG, Signe is also a Strengths consulting coach. She enjoys working with individuals to help them discover how unique gifted they are and how the utilization of their strengths can help them achieve in greater things in life.
Signe has her B.A. in Business with an emphasis in Marketing from Point Loma Nazarene University. She brings 17 years of administrative and operational experience to her work at SCG.
Signe is a married mom of three girls and enjoys working in her yard, cooking gourmet meals for her family and sleeping.

Strengths: Discipline, Harmony, Responsibility, Empathy, Individualization